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THe NC present: Roll On London @ RollerCity
THe NC present: Roll On London @ RollerCity
This is serious skating for serious skaters.
More info at Facebook: The_NC and
Instagram @we_thenc
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  • Welcome: We are very excited to be working with The NC and to be part of 2018 Roll On London, as ever tickets are cheaper in advance.

    RollerCity is part of the biggest and best skate party the UK has had in over a decade

    The line-up of skate DJs include guest DJs from America and Europe:
    DJ Dom Diego
    DJ Touchie
    DJ Narsistic (USA)
    DJ Black Velvet
    DJ Node (Berlin)
    Rollers HIFI (Berlin)
    Mr MadeYouLook  

    Roll On London

    A couple of things you need to know:
     - You need bring your own skates - there will be no skates to hire.
     - There are also refunds.

    For any questions about the events please contact The NC team via the FB page above.    

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